The house consists of six volumetric modules that were built in a factory on the South coast of England by ‘build different’ In the factory the modules were assembled from off the shelf standard building components. Each room was fitted out, including fitting the kitchen and bathrooms, all the plumbing, electrics, decoration and floor coverings.

The roof and wall membranes were also installed making the structure watertight. Once complete the modules were loaded on to low loader trucks and transported 600 miles to Aberdeen.

Here is a time lapse of the factory construction process:

In one day a crane lifted the modules and placed them in position. A gap was left between the modules where three floor cassettes and two gable end walls were installed. Once in place, prefabricated roof trusses were used to span the gap and the pitched roof was formed over the atrium area. Over the next few months the overhanging soffit was fitted and the building was clad with Thermowood timber cladding and cement board, ready for the final silicone render coat. The standing seam metal roof, solar panels and pellet stove were then installed.